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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  June 16, 2015 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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. >> how many times did steve forbes talk about the fed when he was here. maria: charles payne, sandra great talking to you. we'll see you tomorrow on mornings with maria, stuart over to you. stuart: we appreciate it. now we know that global warming is your fault. good evening, everyone. pope francis says it humans are to blame and rich countries have to do something about it. the poor and the earth are shouting, he says. after we reported the president and the pope are in sync. you have to pay. elon musk there's a green presidential favorite for you. now he says tesla will have 1 million cars on the road within five years. i call that optimistic. look out below the stock market is slipping. you can blame the greeks you can blame the germans, janet yellen, anybody you like. however i bring you good news america just droned a really
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bad guy. "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ . stuart: yes, i am going to be a commentator. chicago blackhawks won the stanley cup and won 2-0 last night. this is the third time in six years they've won the cup. hold it high young man. father jonathan morris on the pope's climate change politics. briana, the goalie should heading be banned? i smell a lawyer. >> concussion. >> and brian kilmeade is going to be here on business guys like donald trump as president.
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and he's super rich and guess what, he wants a $16 an hour minimum wage. this is interesting, 9:00 this morning. back from vacation ashley webster and deirdre is here and she loves elon musk. >> and elon musk and pr girl you said it stuart. stuart: hold on a second. i've got to chalk this up to a win on the al qaeda front. they say its leader has been killed in a u.s. drone strike in yemen. kurdish syria forces backed by u.s. air strikes took an isis strong held on the border the isis militants did not appear to put up newmuch resistent. the pope says humans are the
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blame for climate change. this was leaked. ashley: it may not be the final version beau basically blasting climate deniers, and stuart-- >> i'm not a denier. >> you are a skeptic. >> stuart you're in trouble with the pope. ashley: he uses sinful overconsumption, unrestrained free markets, unending reliance on fossil fuels. my question is is the pope mobile electric and is the papal airplane that he flies all over the world in? is that nonfossil fueled power. stuart: more to the point, is the man, the pope getting into politics? >> yes, he is. stuart: in politics? >> there are a number of global climate meetings it's the
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opening salvo. what happens to catholics in the united states? >> it annoys them. there's a billion catholics in the world. let's look at the catholic church, it's a centuries old organization with a huge pr problem so you have this pope who is very out there, very radical and ashley brushed up in his italian to bring you those by the way. he has to go really way out there and make a stand and say, why? because there's no other way, i think in north america to make catholocism this relevant and bringing it. stuart: and the leader is out to save my soul. what does he want with my votes? >> well he's saying that climate change is now a moral. you said it a moral issue, in the sense that the rich benefit and the poor are the ones that get hurt. that is to say the poor lives in the area where there's more debris and-- >> the northern hemisphere? i think he's on dangerous ground. >> i do, too.
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he's become political and left leaning. the question remains, what have you got to do with this? >> father jonathan morris will be on. i want to bring this to your attention. in berkley, california an apartment balcony collapsed killing five people and eight injured. many of those injured have critical life threatening injuries. officials confirmed a number of them are irish citizens it happened in berkley, california this morning. where is the dow jones industrial average open? yes, it will open lower, pretty much unchanged to be honest with you. greece is in the news again. the germans are telling the greeks hey, you've got to cut those pensions and the greeks are saying we're not cutting our pensions. it's a standoff. it looks like crunch time to me. ashley: how many times have we had crunch times? >> i think this is it. ashley: oh you do.
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stuart: this is the real one, i think by the end of the week. ashley: they are out of money. stuart: i think their finance minister is going to russia looking to are other support. >> cap in hand. stuart: they're not going to get financial support. that's why the market is going to open 23 points lower. and then deirdre, tesla. >> beep beep. stuart: elon musk says there's going to be a million of my tesla vehicles on the roads just five years from now. and then-- >> then he woke up. stuart: i'm calling him pt barnum. >> i love that it clarifies what you think of him. rightly and wronger standard & poor's not come out with research calling him pt barnum but there's a cash crunch for tesla. even in the best of time it's hard to launch an auto maker and get new products on the
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road. and this is offering 35k. look, it's hard to get them going. >> especially if you've got gasoline below $3 a gallon in the united states. >> it's a problem and there's competitors in this electric car space. gm one of note. and standard & poor's they're going through crash like crazy to get all of the cars out on the road. especially because there's the sedans, there's the crossovers and a lot to get on the roads. >> that's new, i hadn't heard that from standard & poor's thanks. goldman sachs, believe it or not they want to lend you, the little guy, they want to lend you money. maybe you want to consolidate your credit card maybe remodel the kitchen, who knows? they will lend you the money. this is goldman sachs. >> it's odd because normally they are the bank of the powerful and privileged they're going to start up a new unit start up raising a hope
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next year and literally paying off your credit card loans and these types of things. are there profits in it? >> sure they are. >> they wouldn't do it. ashley: the question is this a mistake should they be getting into this? >> this is everyone else is into it dad is the goldman sachs' line on this. you have paypal and others and goldman essentially they're not paying for bank branches they're not paying for humans so they can lend a little cheaper and everyone else is doing it. stuart: why not? you do this thing on-line and-- >> hold it i hear a voice. in case you missed it lauren is here. what's this about the gap? >> i'm sorry, i was chiming in i was not welcome. if you see the gap in every mall, it's closing a quarter of the stores 175 in north america.
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and will layoff 250 workers at the corporate headquarters. what is the issue? many don't want to wear their white t-shirts and khakis they want to be unique. and uber 22 uberdrivers face potential jail time and fines for continuing to drive an easthampton despite a town law they have to have a physical address there. some will be adjourned until next month. and it's ironic the company that stores your passwords have been hacked. and it gives you a clue every time you log into a different site. change your master password right away. stuart: how many passwords have you had to change in the past six months. >> i'm supposed to write them down. apparently you should be used
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this pass because it got hacked, too. a two-step authentication and biometrics, i'm scared about biometrics, they know what your fingerprint and eye looks like and they can recreate lauren and ashley. >> one more step for minority report. stuart: i'm sick and tired of having my credit cards hacked. and this story is from deirdre. a study from harvard business school. the daughters of working mothers are more successful in the business place, they work more and sometimes are the boss. deirdre you've got-- >> this is a missed opportunity for me so i should tell my husband guess what? we have some plans, we should have a girl. have a mild heart attack there. two boys that's that. stuart: what? >> it does say that sons of
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working mothers are more likely to do household chores and contribute more to the household household. stuart: at harvard, 50,000 people from 24 countries, but it was-- >> i don't know whether we can get-- >> what about your kids do they do stuff at homes help out? >> my sons are getting better without shouting and threats. it works. stuart: these studies come along endlessly, i don't have much faith in them really. >> let's give a little-- >> helping out around the house? >> i'm not going get into that. and you've got the grand babies and their job is to look cute. touchdown. stuart: thank you, deirdre. i don't run my life according to some harvard study, i don't do it and either, do you >> glad to hear it. stuart: watch out for this,
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billionaire nick hanauer is pushing for a $16 minimum wage. he's coming up next. watch this though. >> right now i pay more than half my income in federal and state income taxes. i think-- >> yeah, but stuart. stuart: it's more money. >> you are not rich stuart you're not rich. i am rich and people like me the people who are truly rich don't pay 39%, we pay 20 or less. ♪ ♪ ♪ (singing) you wouldn't haul a load without checking your clearance. so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck.
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>> the obama administration's cracking down on artificial trans fats calling them a threat to public health. the fda says it's going to require good companies to phase them out almost entirely. more on that story coming up. now the billionaire who says tax the rich now says he wants a $15 minimum wage. here he is nick hanauer,s' a
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billionaire and the first investor in amazon correct? >> correct. >> all right, wait a minute let's get at it $15 per hour minimum wage. >> yeah. >> across the street is an mcdonald from us i think they earn $7.50 an hour. >> something like that. >> what are those workers doing to get a doubling of their pay? >> so, seattle washington is the first place we enacted the $15 an hour minimum wage and it phases in over a bunch of years, but to be clear washington state and seattle had the highest minimum wage in the country. stuart: you're not answering, what are the workers doing for the pay raise. >> that's not the question. mas that's not the question. stuart: it's my question. are you going to answer it. >> i'm not going to answer your question, it's not the relevant issue. . stuart: yes, it is. >> no, it's not, stuart. how do you construct the economy to work for everyone. the answer is to require them
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to work enough so i don't have the pay the taxes to support the food stamps and medicaid that they live on. that's the question. stuart: no. >> that's the question. stuart: how do people win a higher wage? they work for it. >> no. stuart: they contribute more to the company. it's not legislatured that's the two sides of the fence, you say give it to them regardless of what they do. i say work for it. >> but stuart, they are working for it they're working as hard as you're working. the simple facts are, they washing for rapascious companies that underpay them. they should pay their workers enough so they can get along. >> here is the point i want to underscore, with are that takes place, business is actually better than where it doesn't take place. washington state pays those workers much more than they pay in new york and a better restaurant. stuart: over the long-term--
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>> those the issue. stuart: over the long-term are you going to tell me that $15 per hour minimum wage in the fast food business will create more jobs? >> absolutely absolutely. stuart: you're going to tell me that? >> stuart. stuart: $15 an hour doubling the wages and add more jobs? >> absolutely when restaurants workers pay enough they can afford to eat in restaurants, it's good for restaurant business. two places in the country that pay the highest minimum wage for food service workers have the two most robust restaurant industries. stuart: that's the local economy. >> that's-- >> that's high-tech san francisco. that's high-tech seattle. they're very wealthy economies and-- >> new york isn't wealthy? new york isn't wealthy? >> come on. >> let's get-- we've exhausted the subject and one more for you. as i told you in the last interview. i paid $53% of my income in federal and state income taxes.
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i think that's too much. i think it's immoral. where do you think the percentage should be? let me-- if i earn an extra million dollars. suppose i earn an extra million dollars. what proportion do you think i should pay in income taxes? >> i think that 50% is more than enough. stuart: i shudould-- 53% now. >> absolutely down to 50. down to 50. the problem is people like me pay 20 that's the problem. stuart: because you're running on capital gains. >> exactly. stuart: this is income for me. >> i know i know. and my point was-- >> i'm a driver to get up there and you want me to pay more. >> no i don't. all i want is for people like me to pay the same for you. stuart: you want a rise in the capital gains tax rate. >> and dividends. i want everybody to pay what you-- people who are richer than
9:20 am
you-- >>. stuart: everybody who makes a capital gain to pay a higher rate and dividend income. >> capital gains over a million dollars you pay the rate. and dividends-- >> capital gains rates for people who already make a lot of money. that wouldn't bring in much money. >> 100 million dollars. stuart: it wouldn't bring in that much. in only billionaires made that extra tax rate it's not going to bring in 100 billion. you tend to guess less of it if you tax it more. >> that didn't work out well in kansas, did it? [laughter] >> minor league example and you now it. nick hanauer, thank you for being here. appreciate it. donald trump will reveal what he's really worth along with some sort of announce. speculation he will tell
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whether or not he will run for president coming up.
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>> back to that news we brought you earlier. this is going to have some impact here. the fda is cracking down and artificial trans fats. they're a threat to public
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health. they're going to force them to phase them out almost entirely. are you ready the story? >> what i'm looking at-- >> is this intelligent regulation or overregulation? >> it's overregulation they've mandated that the food companies, that's what i wanted to look at specifically mere they're mandating that they provide the information on the transfat in a food. that's enough. arm me with the information i need to know to make choices in my own life. stuart: ashley. ashley: i can see the argument on the other side. i think the health costs, health impact of the artificial trans trans tranll of us. stuart: it will prevent heart disease and thousands of fatal heart attacks every year. >> that's the other side for it. stuart: two sides of the fence. elon musk says he has plans, he expects a million teslas to be on the road by 2020. is that another pt barnum grabbing headlines, he asks?
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>> any moment now, those people are going to be hearing the sound of a bell ringing. they're just about to open for business business. we're expecting a small loss
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for the dow industrials when they open. look again, it's greece. i mean at the time real crunch time. the germans say cut those greek pensions. the greeks say, we can't do that. results standoff. looks like crunchtime. the bell has rung the market has opened slightly to the down side. we're down 6, down 5. we've opened so slightly lower. i'm going to call that you're right let's call it dead flat shall we? joining us now sandra smith, ashley webster, scott shellady and michael pinto from new york. it's your first appearance on the show and you say the stocks are overvalued. get rid of the technical nonsense. >> you're going to buzz me, but by almost every metric the overvaluation sits atop little growth. little gdp growth no revenue
9:31 am
growth and virtually no earnings growth and on top of that, a fed that's raising rates if they don't, the market is going to do it for them. stuart: your first performance, you can't get the buzzer. >> say qe a couple of times. stuart: i want it look at tesla. i think the stock is open. they say they see a million of its vehicles on the roads. scott shellady that sounds wildly ambitious to me with what gasoline 2.80 a gallon. >> they'll need help for gas prices. i don't think it's the way of the delorean, but i think there will be a lot more competition and a million is a lot. and just like samsung competes with the apple iphone 6, there will be more entrants to the market and that will show down
9:32 am
the growth especially if we don't see gas prices anything to the down side e i called him the p.t. barnum and i think it's a p.t. barnum style headline he's grabbing for. sandra: i never underestimate the man. when he sees an opportunity, he grabs it. stuart: you're chastising me. you're saying that tesla is okay when he lives off government subsidyiessubsidies. >> he's us oohing -- he's using the system working the system. >>'s' nice guy and-- >> a really good carnival barker. >> bring this guy back. >> selling a million cars on the yard not on the road by 2020. general motors sells 3 million a year. this is a bubblicious stock that's going to crash.
9:33 am
>> and facing a cash crunch. i don't like it at 250 a share. maybe you do sandra. this article calls for the demise get rid of the mac because this particular writer wants apple to concentrate on futuristic products like mobile and-- >> for the record i was invited to be on this show and i'd like some-- somebody to --. stuart: apple. sandra: this writer is saying focus they're representing the mac as a rounding error when you look at the ipad sales and iphone sales. the focus should object the higher market more futuristic products and mac is looking book ward. >> it's accounting for 9% and
9:34 am
it's in a dying market. they need to count on the gee-whiz life style products. the mac margins, they won't tell us, but they're pretty good. by one expectations better than the combined five nearest competitors on their margins. they get good money out of it, but the question are they wasting their time? >> i want to bring you a story a few moments ago, the fda cracking down and artificial transfats. the companies are up or down slightly. sandra: you know the threat to public health walking on ice in the winter time? should they ban that too, where do you stop? >> i go back to the anti-smoking campaign. i always opposed it, but it's the most successful campaign ever. sandra: who are you to judge success?
9:35 am
what if somebody wanted to die 20 years younger and smoke two packs a day, who are you-- >> you're saying it's personal choice. if we want to go ahead. stuart: i don't know mr. pento is with us. >> let's go back to the-- this intrusion is to private people. sandra: thank you. >> the government needs to stay out of public and private decisions and make your own decisions. stuart: let's wrap it up. [laughter] >> look at twitter, a new 52-week low, right around $34 per share. i'm just bringing this to your attention, i don't have much to say about it, but it had a terrible couple of weeks has it not? >> and by the way, there's another downgrade on twitter, that accounts for a further loss this morning. big big name you know it the gap closing a quarter of stores, cutting jobs. nicole, i'll bet that stock is up. >> it's not moving too far off the you think changed line.
9:36 am
we'll see whether or not it makes a difference going forward. a new ceo saying look brick and mortar is having a hard time challenging on-line sales. the gap, banana republic. and closing some stores 250 jobs lost in the offices, and as well as another, we don't know how many could be thousands of auto jobs along with the gap. and this as they're trying to compete and better the company. the bright spots old navy and they have intermix a fancier name you may or may not know and athletica was leisure. stuart: what do you mean do i know. intermex? >> intermix. stuart: look at share prices of united health and anthem. going shopping looking to buy
9:37 am
another insurance company or an insurance company. they want to get together with others and they're blaming obamacare for this move. ashley, explain why obamacare. ashley: it's because the merging of doctors and hospitals and insurers creates monopolies which gives nem greater power to set prices and negotiate in medicare reimbursements. if you've got one hospital at that dominates an area they can set the price and because the way this health care law has been set up it's pushing these health care providers to get bigger to consolidate in order to increase profits, but also it's gobbling up all of the smaller, less expensive insurers out there. so it's working against the consumer. stuart: okay. got it. i have some-- i'm going to characterize this as bad news on the savings front. there is more money leaving, coming out of 401(k)'s than put in. it's true that boomers are retiring and taking the money out. it looks like the millennials
9:38 am
are not putting money into the other end of the age scale? >> this is a part-time obamacare recessionary economy. there's 2.2 million less full-time jobs since 2007 and 2.5 million more part-time jobs. so, these people are flipping hamburgers and pancakes don't have a 401(k). stuart: what do you think about 401(k)'s money coming out not going in. >> in 1990 manufacturing accounted for 20% of our gdp, manufacturing jobs. today only it's 10% of our gdp. we've gone from makings things. asking if you like large fries with that. that's the problem with this and agree with the earlier guest. >> and part-time jobs are rising. stuart: really? that's the problem. sandra: it has implications for the banks and j.p. morgan says it's an inflection point that large money managers are going
9:39 am
to have to cut fees offer different products and they're going to have consolidate operations. >> this puts more burden on the social safety net which is going to balloon our deficits in the future. stuart: to any youngster, if you've got a 401(k) where you work, put money into it. max it out. look at the dow up nearly 60 points, that means it's now positive for this calendar year. [laughter] finally got back there. >> since qe ended-- oh! [buzzer] >> there it is. >> i can go home now. stuart: got the gong. the market 66 points. >> why is it flat in the first six months of 2015 that's the better question. why has it gone nowhere the fed doing something i can't say to get a buzzer. >> then we have donald trump expected to release his net worth.
9:40 am
we're told it's 9 billion. the billionaire will make an announcement at 11:00 eastern time here in new york city. at issue, a possible run for the presidency. sandra sandra. sandra: this is going to give us a closer look at donald trump's finances than we've ever seen should he make an announcement to run for president. i spoke with donald trump a couple weeks ago and he seemed confident-- well, he's always confident. the likelihood of him making an announcement. >> he may be announcing there is another season from apprentice. i stole that from charles payne. and you to what he's going to say have vermont. millionaires and billionaires. stuart: you're going to be back on the program, we like you. we're up 17 points. 17,859.
9:41 am
to this, a drone strike kills al qaeda's number two. a victory in the war on terror question mark? what does judge napitano think about droning people overseas? he's next.
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9:44 am
>> check that big board. we are up 50 points now. that means the dow is on the year -- is marginally higher. >> we'll take it. stuart: oh look at netflix, up again. the price target has been raised by one of the investment firms. it's up nine bucks 663, i think the highest 692. i'm going to call this a flat-out win against terror. they say its leader nasir al-wuhayshi has been killed in a drone strike in yemen. who is here to judge this? the judge himself,
9:45 am
mr. napitano. that's an insult. he's not mr., he's judge. >> it's not at all. stuart: your honor, i think i should say. it's a terrible thing, don't you that we should drone this guy kill him. >> it's not i who thinks that. here we go again, a broken record. stuart: that's your opinion. >> it is the constitution which says when the government wants life, liberty or property two ways of doing it. to declare war against another government and to pursue the war and only congress can do that, know the president, or to arrest the person and give them due process. where does the droning lead us? the droning leads us to the president droning americans. surely, you would not consent to that. stuart: al alackey. >> droned. his son droned family friend
9:46 am
droned. i'm far more concerned with those christians who are beheaded, christians run out of the middle east i'm far more concerned with them than i am with the family of al-awlaki who was trying to kill us. >> they were not beheaded by the american government. we're talking what what the american government could do. nobody condones the beheading. stuart: is there no one who will give we a constitutional defending of the drone or-- >> i'm sure the president and the attorney general will give you constitutional defense. their constitutional defense leads to the president becoming henry viii judge, jury executioner. stuart: is there no format or filter which the president has to go through to drone somebody? >> no the preds created rules for droning. they're not established by the congress, he wrote them himself. stuart: do we need a rule to identify a clear enemy not a
9:47 am
country or army in uniform, but a rag tag group around the world. >> i don't condone any deviation from the constitution. but it would be easier to accept if the congress approved it rather than the rules from the president himself. if he's regulating himself. he decided it's the add cat for due process, and decide who he'll kill with the drone. stuart: last word to me. i don't think the american public gives two hoots of droning some one drone-- >> never engaged in violence or an act of crime. stuart: the united states is banning artificial transfats. a question for you, is this overregulation or good regulation? i know exactly what he's going to say. >> what business is it of the
9:48 am
government what we want to eat? >> wait a second i can sigh how some rules and regulations from the government concerning food safety are a good thing. look at the anti-smoking campaign. you can say the government should have no role in that whatsoever. it's nothing to do with the government, but it's the most successful as the public health campaign in human history and thousands and thousands, maybe millions of people. >> why don't the governor ban tobacco if it's so bad? because it derives taxes. stuart: there's such a thing of good regulation. maybe trans fats is a good example. >> what would be better when the fda keeps goes drugs off the market you can't sue the fda when you die because you can't take the drugs. when the fda lets bad drugs on the market you can't be sued by the fda when you die. >> if this was by people whose
9:49 am
wealth was at risk for their decisions you'd have a cause of action for harm and they'd be more concerned about the accuracy and addequacyadequacy. >> if this isn't to do with the plaintiff's bar-- >> this is a plea for keeping the government out of the business of telling us what to put in our bodies and hiring professionals to give us guidance and let us making our own choices because if the professionals are wrong, they can be sued. when the government is wrong, nothing happens. >> do you think-- >> it just gets reelected. >> i know you don't believe in this. if it were to be put at a vote a referendum in america, should the government ban artificial trans fats? what do you think would be the result. >> i think they would overwhelmingly endorse the food and drug administration. >> that doesn't mean it's right. >> correct. >> that's the way the public is going. that's the way politics is going. >> that's the way we've been educated at public schools the government exists to take care of us.
9:50 am
>> your legalistic view has to take a look at politics because-- >> when did you last read the constitution? >> when did you? last night? >> the other day. [laughter] i'm not going to joke about the constitution. it's a wonderful document. >> see, he does respect it. stuart: you have a laugh. where is she? >> she's celebrating. >> intersecting with politics pope francis issued an article, global warming is caused by humans. what does a catholic priest have to say about that? father jonathan morris is a priest and he's here at 10:15. "varney & company." oh the big board. we've got a 60 point gain in
9:51 am
the early going. and the virtual reality headset looks like a crash helmet. it says it will not allow pornographic content. oh. i know what the judge thinks about that. is this a mistake? if there is consumer demand for it, why shouldn't the company deliver? they say they're not going to. you probably know xerox as the company that's all about printing. but did you know we also support hospitals using electronic health records for more than 30 million patients? or that our software helps over 20 million smartphone users remotely
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insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. >> for decades pornography has been instrumental in deciding the next video format. did you know that? vhs beat out beta max in part because pornography studios liked the format better. same for laser disc dvd, blu-ray and high-def dvd's. the makers of oculus say they're going to prohibit adult material or pornography from making an appearance on their device. here is christine from mashable. do you think it's a mistake to keep pornography off the head set things?
9:56 am
like a crash hat. >> yes. stuart: no pornographer officially. >> there will be ways to install different apps and ways to get it not through the official way. stuart: the facebook name will not be associated with pornography. >> that's it. there's a market around pornography around the oculus and it's not even a product-- >> there is? >> there is. there's a market of number of films. stuart: pornography scones have been. >> accessories. stuart: hold on a second. pornography scenes shot in the format of the oculus. >> and one of the things we've seen before facebook bought it. stuart: it's kind of a natural, isn't it. let your mind wander.
9:57 am
>> if you want to be in the experience, so to speak. [laughter] >> is it true that the vhs and the beta did pornography play in role in that? i'm not aware of that. >> the cost of the videos was much less expensive on the vhs. so the studios gravitated toward that even though beta max was technically superior and helped it take off and get in more help. stuart: so you think that pornography will be a driver of the virtual reality headset because you can do it unofficially. >> i don't know if it makes it mainstream, but it's a component of what people are interested in and one of the things that people are doing it it. stuart: the writing is on the wall. christina as always thank you very much. >> thank you. >> donald trump grabbing headlines making a major announcement later this morning. yes we will follow it, okay? .
9:58 am
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10:00 am
>> oh, hire it comes, a full throttle full bore push to action on climate change orchestrated by president obama. he can act without congress. he can mobilize world opinion. he can make you pay. and he's doing it all. this is his legacy issue. todays, a white house green summit loads of publicity about green investments. then comes policy statement from pope francis he'll back up president obama. humans are the cause, and redistribution is the answer. did you miss the $100 billion commitment we've made yet? we'll be part of a $100 billion giveaway to help ours cope with climate change and did you miss ptd warning from the international agency. you energy companies are making a major fatal error if you don't jump on the green bandwagon here it comes framing wants to look good for the rest of the world.
10:01 am
hets to make a big splash at the ferris climate summit in sepght and he will. because action on climate is something he can actually do. you have no say in this. you will be paying way after president obama has left the white house. he hasn't restored prosperity or made america and messed up health care system few but he can leave office claim he saved the planet. that is legacy building and you're going to see a lot of it hopefully you can see right through it. let me follow-up from that 15 minutes from now. if will be with us to talk about the pope and climate politics and politics. 10:15 this program this morning. first let's get to donldz donald trump expected to disclose a $9
10:02 am
billion net worth if also going to make a big announcement right here in new york city. blake birr man is outside the trump tower. did i hear some music blaring in the background moments ago? reporter: polings stuart if you do hear the music. marble clad and marble walls here at the trump tower are reverberating music along that line $9 billion is indeed the number. here's thousands will work, it will come at 11:00 shortly after that campaign tells me they'll ligs on one sheet of paper, one phage only all of his net qort they say that will total up to $9 billion. i'm told it will be something along license of cash on hand equals x amount of money. hotels equals y amount of money and that is where they'll get the figure that is not asset it is stuart but net worthwhile
10:03 am
many campaigns at least at the beginning who feature candidates that are millionaires, multimillionaires, qort hundreds of millions if maybe shy away from that. certainly here on what is expected to be day one of donald trump they're not hiding from that at all. >> blake berman there you can't hear much about what i'm saying aerosmith by the way song is dream on. thank you very much indeed. >> appreciate it. it is fin deed. >> blake implied there. >> dreaming with the music like dream on. >> day one for presidential campaign-like i'm running that is in doubt. >> i don't think anybody knows that for sure. >> if you're going to run for president of the united states you're going to govern in thes and republicans you're going to anger every democrat by declaring your net worth at $9 billion. >> he's done that that is another story if later this hour brian kilmeade is with us on the trump story. i'm going to ask you look can a
10:04 am
business executive be the president of the united states? >> i think so. >> president of the united states is a leader politician, can you have a business guy doing that? i'm not so sure it suits. >> many qowld like to have a business guy in there. look what happened to mitt romney who ran on that business platform. >> proven his success or her success yes. but a business guy say it is do this. and it is done. a politician says let's try to work this out. problem -- with politicians. >> i know you do you have to work with dollars too. >> executive orders, stuart. hey, this president loves his executive orders. congress nevermind. move over. >> you're right, you have a point. check that big board right now static with a gain of about 60 points that enmoos that dow is now barely positive for the year. but we'll take it. netflix there's a stock, again pup nearly $10.
10:05 am
raised to 780 per share. 663 right now up one and a half percent. then we have the gap closing a quarter of its stores. stock is virtually dead flat that might imply some trouble going on at gap. that is why stock didn't go up when they close all of these stores. look at yelp take over chatter there and, of course, it is a winner. fda cracking down on artificial transfat they'll require food companies to phase them out almost entirely. here's a big food company right now no response to that phasing out of the artificial transfats. outside the financial world i have two big victories on frr reporting this morning. says second in command killed friday in a u.s. drone strike in yemen. and this a kurdish force backed by u.s. air strikes took a key isis strong hold in tower that
10:06 am
key town is on syria's border with turkey. a victory for the kurds and syrians. he came after only two days of fighting. lieutenant colonel tony chafer is with us. you know we're not used to hearing these stories about isis giving up and -- they didn't run away but they lost after only two days. this sounds like a turning point to me. >> kurds frankly stewart has been doing well in with john mccain yesterday talking about this. so ironic we're actually in with one of the syrian kurds talking to mccain about hey, it is time we can get serious about reenforcing the fact that the kurds are only ones winning the battle manage that trying to reenforce good guys whob who have been winning instead of trainers who don't want to f fight. this is good news and help our effort to really go after isis.
10:07 am
>> would you be satisfied with a strategy that is containment of isis keep them within their current boundaries would that satisfy or go all out and beat them and kill them? >> i can't go through the entire strike strategy we talked about but essentially visrating them and turkey is part of the problem. one of the reasons isis continues to grow is because turkey is not shut off access for isis regarding monetary support. personnel support so we have to go about that piece out and then working globally to start walking it back. so the kurds are key components to the effective fighting force to get isis locally but we have to think about globally to get whole thing. >> i see your point but containment wouldn't be such a bad thing, qowld it be? >> as a first step. >> but not such a bad thing.
10:08 am
we're not there. we're not investing blood and treasure. killed over there. they're contained if we give weapons to the right people. there's something to be said for containment okay as a first step. but you know, so many percent for that suspect it? what american people actually. the and go for. >> if you contain it stew you can strangle it as i think we agree if you can cut off resources cut off to sell or illegally cut off ability to reman themselves come through border and resupply their ranks that would go a long way to essentially allowing for a strangling little by little of their leadership something that we should be doing. we have to look at libya also in yemen now too. >> one thing i would have loved to have seen out of this kurdish attack on that town and their victory i would like to see some isis fighters walking away with their hands in the air. giving up white flags i would like to see that. i haven't seen it yet.
10:09 am
>> i haven't either but we need to see that. >> okay. i think we've got far pcial agreement here. partial agreement. we'll see you soon. >> hillary clinton's campaign denying a daily mail reporter access to her events in new hampshire. david -- he's the political editor at "daily mail" diagnostic he was a reporter and denied. welcome to the program good to have you with us. >> quite a 24 hours after the clinton campaign pulled a fast one. >> how did you find out you weren't admitted to clinton pents in new hampshire. did they say it to you or send you an e-mail. what did they do? >> actually originally sent me an e-mail saying you're a reporter here's where you go and where we need to be. time and all of that. six hours after midnight for an 8 a.m. press pool call they
10:10 am
told some reporters who coordinate the press fool that they wanted somebody different to be the pooler. now your viewers have to understand that press fool is something that reporters set up at the clinton campaign's request. so you know, if they have -- an event and somebody's living room say and there are 30 reporters who want to cover it. they say no we can't do that. not practical so you get together and send one of you to be eyes and ears and that one fern will quote and tell you what hillary was wearing all of that. that is what we do. yesterday was my turn. "daily mail" reporter coverage rotation. soy flew up here for this and went to it and they told us if after midnight we want somebody else. i thought no i'm here to do a job. too late to get somebody else here. so i showed up to get on the fool van to take the event. they said no, you can't come. later in the evening at 6 fm dinner, they threw me out of the building they said you have to leave. tmption that interesting because you have written critically of
10:11 am
hillary's campaign. you are a critic of that campaign. a critic of her candidacy, and now they're toking -- stopping you from covering that campaign. you have a lot of support from the rest of the media surprisingly so. establishment media is coming to your defense this morning. you have to be happy about that. >> reassuring everybody understands if they can pick off one ever us this can pick off all of us. no political campaign. hillary cruz, trump, ben carson no carly none should get to choose when reporters cover them it is not like i'm a critic of hillary but doing thorough reporting. stories wind up and sometimes stories that she doesn't like but other stories that are complimentary of her. we're like switzerland in this. we don't have a dog in the fight we're neutral. but they don't like some of the reporting. it was also report it had that her first event in iowa television scripted inen kas in
10:12 am
her political director drove the participants to the coffee shop supposed to be impromptu and they were scripted you have to dig and talk about the story. >> that is why you were kicked ousts building. they want to control things. sir welcome to the show. glad to have you with us today. hope you get back onboard that campaign. we'll see you again real soon i'm sure. thank you, sir. >> thanks very much. >> coming up, donald trump's big announcement, will he run for the presidency? we're bringing it tow why as it happens. and pope francis gets political that is my opinion. he gets political. he's leaked letters blaming humans for climate change. it is a leak actually jonathan morris joins me next. >> is the pope going to provide moral basis for what? regulating the pollutants in the environment and if that is the case if that is a moral argument what concern is that of the holy sea?
10:13 am
10:14 am
10:15 am
10:16 am
>> let me update a story that we've been following for you in berkeley, california and a apartment building balcony collapsed early this morning. five people dead, eight injured many of those injured have critical life-threatening injuries and officials have confirmed a number of those people are irish citizens. a crackdown on transfats. food and drug administration requiring food companies just phase them out get rid of them. administration says this will prevent thousands of heart attacks a year. to the pope he says, humans are to blame for climate change. i think that is dabbling directly in politics. but does father jonathon morris think about that. he's got a smile on his face. [laughter] let me just read into this a little bit more. a draft of major environmental dmghts that the pope is about to issue, it says, that bulk of gloanl warming is caused by human activity. and it says that people especially the world's rich have to take steps to mitigate the
10:17 am
damage by reducing consumption and live less reliance on poses sill fuels father that is policy. that is politics. and the pope has gone right into it. >> let me start by saying, something good of people of religion talking about moral issues and those moral issues that also have political consequence. for example, do we want the poem speaking out against slavery and major politics involved how about human trafficking major politics involved. no i don't think the my pope or any religious fern pushing a candidate for example or a specific political party. that is another issue. but speaking out about moral issues that have political consequences i'm all in favor. >> it is right -- >> pushing the left view of this issue. he is. >> you quoted and first of all
10:18 am
the document has not kowment yet. it comes kowt on thursday but leaked version has come out vatican is human place obviously. let me read another little quote from the leaked version not visual version. if this is correct. while the vast majority of scientists agree that the earth's climate is changing because of human activity some climate change skeptics say there's no explanation for what is happening. or that changes in climate and temperature are part of a natural cycle. in other words, he leaves open to the possibility that the consensus of scientists right now, the majorities at least of those who speak is up, say yes human activity is in recent time responsible for some climate change. let me say, i don't even as a catholic priest have to believe what pope say what is he's talking about science.
10:19 am
but when he's taking about faith and morals it is a different thing. when he said i believe in these scientists are right, i can also say ubl that these scientists are right and be a perfectly faithful committed catholic. >> if i'm a catholic in the united states i can be a scheme tick of global warming, i can say i don't approve of these mitigation efforts. it is the wrong policy. i can still say that and be a good catholic in my faith. >> absolutely. at the same time, it is -- what i'm reading the document is what is the less -- moral lesson here he's talking about not just qoaks about environments and global warming but a integral responsible for earth as parts of god's creation also to take care of it because the earth it is supposed to be a blessing to humanity especially those who are poor, who are unfortunate situations. he's talking about climate change not just for the united states of america, but in
10:20 am
african, latin america. >> those pay. >> he also blames unrestrained free markets. in other words that is -- >> how about john fall the ii used exact same term he called it -- unbrieldz p unbridled capitalism. nobody would be in favor because human beings are not perfect. even capitalists are not perfect. believe it or not. stuart. >> less fossil fuels and the rich have got to pay to fix this. that is -- >> how about the area which i'm not comfortable with. i don't think you are are you? >> fair enough. fair enough. >> you're not entirely comfortable with this. >> i'm not comfortable with everything that the pope says to learn and secondly when the pope talk bs something that is not faith and morals i can learn from it but just about science.
10:21 am
i can say well you know what that is very interesting. i might have a different view. >> jonathan that was good. >> a fine -- >> if i am kicked out of the catholic church tomorrow stuart i hope i can get a job from you. >> unlikely event to come to -- >> i just would need a job. >> you have one. >> über wealthy proving once again that they can get whatever they want. now, they want homes with giant walls. so they can display their art collection. sarah is here with a story in just a moment. don't forget donald trumple possibly running for president. i'll believe it when i hear it. one person kneeled be up against is jeb bush and talking to the first jeb's campaign for governor. joins us in the next hour.
10:22 am
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just because i'm away from my desk doesn't mean i'm not working. comcast business understands that. their wifi isn't just fast near the router. it's fast in the break room. fast in the conference room. fast in tom's office. fast in other tom's office. fast in the foyer [pronounced foy-yer] or is it foyer [pronounced foy-yay]? fast in the hallway. i feel like i've been here before. switch now and get the fastest wifi
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everywhere. comcast business. built for business. >> a lot goes into designing a house but now developers have one more worry. art. sarah -- took an inside look at how developers are trying to keep up. >> it is no secret that l manies of dollars have been flowing into real estate here in new york city. but now on a global basis it is not about the couch or the karpght or the wall. it is about this. basically people are buying homes about that accommodate their art. very often that is particular storing their art in their homes as well. developers have to create space for the main buyer what their interested in. >> we've done exactly that so proportion of the room, wall space rather than having too many window we wanted great wall
10:26 am
for art and walls reenforced to hang art because a lot of heart is heavy. and then there's gallery lighting which you see it put in by a gallery lighting consultant that does a lot of work in chelsea art gallery and museums. >> okay, so now we're on the upper east side of manhattan and chelsea before. what is so unique about this building with regards art? >> designed by robert sterling and his inspiration is what new york percent consider to be the greatest architect of all too many. kendela room large, and big volume request space, long before the new development was developed. art collectors put tons of paintings and art on their walls as you can see. look at the kind of volume this is and look at the amount of art that this can hold even in places like hong kong and london this trend of having it together is happening in this city as well.
10:27 am
not just -- at all. art consult at that particular at that particular have a say in how developers are going for advice to the art world. art fairs all of the time and permeating the capitol of the world everywhere and you see it everywhere. >> with us right now. now wait a second one was buildings that you went into strict if i tally for looking and putting off the walls? >> first one is building down in chelsea and entire building. entire development which she was to build in that is made for art. it is specific terms of the building. >> you're talking about iewb per mega rich. you're talking 50 $100 million up from there. >> millions of dollars in art in their collections and they want to
10:28 am
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stuart: you are looking at the podium where donald trump will make an announcement at 11:00 eastern in new york city. a few minutes from now ran till nature and says it can a
10:32 am
businessman be a good president. coming up the trump announcement. the dow is barely positive for the year, but it is only just. please look at netflix. the stock of the month maybe the stock of the year up again. a brokerage house has raised it targeted to $780 a share. that gap closing a quarter of its stores obviously cutting a great many jobs. the stock is dead flat. what does this mean? is it in real trouble? the public stockholders not quite sure. next-line i'm not. look at the food processors please. the fda will be in eventually all artificial trans fats. he no at all the processed food companies. california still feeling with one of the first dress in california history. so bad there is now an app called drought shame. use it to shame your neighbors who you think are overdoing it.
10:33 am
come on in, please. tax the foreign and author. james lacey is the author and he is with us now. governor jerry brown, do you think he is less popular because of the water rationing he has imposed? what is the response? >> although benjamin franklin said he know the worth of water when the well is dry and this is the narrative in california. the well is not dry. we are in a drought but water is abundant. the water is 90% plus at our biggest reservoir. lake shasta, orville, over 50%. 10% to 15% down. we have abundant water. it is difficult to get it to a few places. we have been managed scarcity created by liberal tire
10:34 am
mentalist on the state water resources board. the inmates are in charge of the asylum in california. stuart: has this generated a groundswell of demand? get out there and build new reservoirs. get out there and stop giving the fish a trillion gallons of water a year that goes into the ocean. is there a groundswell of common sense? is that coming up in california? >> i believe that will be developed because the reality is 50% of california's water except it is reserved for the environment. 40% goes to the farmers. only 10% goes to urban and suburban uses fear the state water resources control board controlled by the national resources defense council and the audubon society wants to make the rationing had they urban dwellers. there is enough water to go
10:35 am
around as long as we don't waste we don't wasted on trying trying to save extinct fish. we spend millions and millions of gallons of water on the federally mandated obama administration endangered species act to protect the delta smelt and some trial. recently they wasted enough water that would take care of the residential name of 300,000 for one year just ended 299 trout down the river. stuart: i get the outrage. i'm looking for the reaction. i'm looking for things to change and i never see things change in california. >> according to the public policy institute in california, 65% self identify a center or right. the problem is that people like liberal democrats across the board to statewide office. when voters see -- sometimes i
10:36 am
feel like i'm wearing the hair shirt at the jordan river when i talk about these issues. this is why getting the information out as in "taxifornia" is so important. we have a whole pacific ocean as you just said that could be subject to desalination. we need more water storage. we haven't built a dam in 60 years. environmentalists don't like anything. it would have to be a california beaver. stuart: james lacey, i'm afraid i've got to go. appreciate it. he's about to disclose that he spent $9 billion worth of assets. make an announcement from the podium. 11:00 this morning. brian killed me who knows donald trump very, very well. here's my first question. do you think a business guy if he quit to be the president of the united states?
10:37 am
a business guy says do this do that and it happens. a politician, president has to work with compromise. what do you say? >> the thing about donald trump cpac sales have ceo. he never carries around a plan or reason. i'm a little jealous. the thing about donald trump as he sells himself. he felt his brandon buildings. he's a likable person. he's just as comfortable running with the ceos and billionaires as he is the loo collar workers working in the back of garbage trucks. that's the thing people are baffled by it. how could he be worth $9 billion brokerage but somehow people yell at you the same donald trump how are you? stuart: i saw that interview. that broke new ground in television politics because you're walking down fifth avenue.
10:38 am
people shouting out from all directions. here's another question. we look at the announcement 23 minutes from now. do you think he's going to say yes i'm running for the presidency? >> if i was to give donald trump advice often times them on the other line, but it's got to be a little put up his criticism. people delve into background and say what happened with atlantic city? what happened with that grips the new jersey generals. he's got to be calm. he's got to take it. jeb bush is very good at that. maybe governor christie could get better at that but he likes the engagement. stuart: you think today he will stay running for the president. >> anything short of that is a pr disaster and he is anything but a pr disaster. sake to answer in his gut as companies set up for it is not
10:39 am
to make every situation and be their nine to five. i didn't see a clock he had to to enable it by banca passes back as well as donald junior. he will be very interesting. the first time they drill down on non-donald trump and say details about how the worse works out he's got to say i think he very rarely says. not sure about that yet. stuart: brian killed me thank you for joining us. i know we joined you on your radio show. we appreciate it. he stuart: see you again soon. literally 20 minutes from now will take you to new york city podium. let's get the trump announcement. right now the site to report. >> you are talking about sub to a few minutes ago. the retail sector overall to see if there is a factor announcement. 150 store closings, 250 jobs cut. gap is a period i also want to
10:40 am
show you best buy home depot, all the big names in the retail sector. the other interesting thing about the story is president obama was here not too long ago. remember he went to gap talking about minimum wage and how he is this great company for paying minimum wage and everybody should attend dollars and 10 cents as their salary and now gap is closing 175 stores. he's also cutting stories and jobs in europe. stuart: very interesting. i forgot the president did go to gap and talk about wages. quickly, ashley bright today were saying it's a done deal. ashley: i thought it was interesting he said he would be a pr disaster if he didn't run.
10:41 am
donald trump likes his pr and is known to carry out a few cents. we've been joking he could be announcing another season of celebrity apprentice. but it does have all the appearances of a campaign launch. stuart: 19 minutes and we'll find out. a cyberattack on america's government now much worse than originally thought. parker is that while her military operations overs he. racial goals are breaking her silence. why she says she has no regrets despite english from her family. >> i don't think there's anything complex about what is true and what is not true. i don't know how she is saying it's really that complex or confusing because it's really not.
10:42 am
10:43 am
>> and nicole pedaled 80s. right now the dow was up 54 points. the s&p up for. the nasdaq up five. for the week, stocks are lower. look at the winners on the dow jones industrial. insurers with more consolidation in the end is trade. coca-cola travelers also winners there. it did await the ipo later this week. reports that the prices outside and 17 in 19.
10:44 am
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10:46 am
stuart: would you make the same choices given operatives have been and given the fallout from it but also the positive side of the discussion that has come out of it. would you make the same choices you have made, rachel? >> i would. i would. stuart: that was rachel stumpf are breaking her silence after blind about her race. >> i think she's mentally disturbed. her parents and brother have both come out and says she's got emotional problems and we need to pay attention. she sued the university because she was discriminated against for being white at the time she identified herself as white and later down the road after the lawsuit she turns around. stuart: very strange story. an update on the trade title going on in congress. speaker boehner says he has had
10:47 am
multiple conversations with president obama under the new bill forward as soon as possible. president obama and speaker boehner has had conversations about fast tracking the trade though. headers, where you knock the ball in the goal. they are an issue in soccer. it can lead to concussion. some say heading should be banned from the sport. this is a picture from the women's world cup. a violent head collision between an american player player from sweden. shared headers be banned? here to talk about this is two-time olympic gold medalist breanna spirlea. we were just talking on the break and you came out with astonishing statistic about the proportion of female soccer players to get concussions. what is it?
10:48 am
>> 50%. just as i couple years ago i had no idea that concussions stuart: 50% of the jordan era. you don't know the proportion of men? >> i do not. stuart: the idea that we should ban had been what do you think about? >> at the very unique unique part of soccer. what i do think this player should have more protection. we have should rise to protect her shih why not have some sort of had here? what do we have here? >> is very fashionable. stuart: the padded headband goes around the hair i take it. you promote this as a product that deals with concussion and female soccer players.
10:49 am
>> this is the unequal halo had been made of the military grade material that absorbs and disperses impact energy. in my opinion this is the most viable way to go about protecting players from the impact of concussions. stuart: if you get the lawyers underside, you will wind. so you've got a concussion, i will sue somebody for that. you've taken damage. >> unfortunately, my career ended on a concussion. i was playing as a goalkeeper and a player hit me in the side of the head with her knee and that ended my career and that is the reason i am so adamant about changing -- [inaudible] >> that is a great question. ever since i saw this i thought about that. they might have prevented my concussion. it gives you a sense of confidence and it has been proven to lessen the risk of
10:50 am
injury. that of itself make of itself may give you more confidence but i honestly feel i would be playing. and it's very track days. most of the headgear available today is a big huge monolithic thing you put on your head you tall girls are 15 boys to wear something, this is more tractors. stuart: we are right in the middle of the world cup and you're right in the middle of an interesting discussion about having an concussions. and you got a product. we appreciate it. donald trump expected to disclose his net worth and assets are worth $9 billion. better yet he will appear at the podium in 10 minutes and find out whether or not he is planning on running for the presidency. we'll take you there shortly.
10:51 am
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10:55 am
in five minutes from now. meanwhile, lawmakers questioning officials about their massive breach that has left millions of government employees sensitive exposed. we are joined for the latest on the story. >> lawmakers a very angry about the breach of government personnel records wider and deeper with last week's disclosure of a second major hack of the computers at opm. china expected in the attacks. more than 4 million president and former government employees. the second one could put the loss of personnel records at 10 million according to the report. inspect or start testifying right now about continuing computer security problems at the agency. >> according to the last eight years of ig report opm's posture was akin to living doors and windows open in your house
10:56 am
and expect me nobody would walk in and take in information. how wrong they were. >> the hackers got more than social security numbers. they got details background filings including financial histories and investment records, children's and relative names contacts with foreign national past residences and named their neighbors and close friends. that kind of information could be valuable to china for counterespionage. opm officials testified they are working on the problem. ashley: peter barnes thank you so much. more "varney & company" just three minutes away.
10:57 am
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. stuart: is it a busy hour in "varney & company" or what? you are looking at trump, she is at the podium right there in new york city, she is introducing her father who will appear any moment now
11:00 am
then we'll find out if he's actually in the presidential race. first thing he's going to do is produce a summary of his assets, he says he's worth $9 billion, we're going to bring you that nuse conference as it happens. and blake berman, you're at the trump tower set the steam for us, please. go. >> hi, stuart, she just got to the stage here about a minute ago, here's how we're told this will work. she's on the stage now we're told she will speak about five or six minutes or so, after that will come donald trump and he'll give a speech about 12 to 14 minutes or so. so we anticipate donald trump to speak after that. once this speech is done, the financial statement will be released. or at least we expect it here shortly, would those close to donald trump. they say $9 billion worth of net worth will be released on that statement and afterwards
11:01 am
donald trump will, though, iowa as a presidential announcement stuart, but we'll see exactly what he announces here in the next few moments . stuart: yes, we will. the excitement is building and the $9 billion asset statement is a precursor to running with the presidency and that's what we're talking about here. we have a whole slew of people who are interested in whether or not he runs. former cochair for jeb bush's campaign fox news chris joining me right here in for your, and of course ashley is still with us. first question because he happens to be sitting next to me. >> i'll take it . stuart: the political pros do not like donald trump, do they? >> they don't want him in. >> well, some of them want them in. if you're jeb bush, you would want him in because it would accelerator your party, okay. how long are you going to keep this up?
11:02 am
and when are you ready to get serious because fumble what he said yesterday in florida, he was -- he said only the house of bush can defeat the house of clinton in the game of thrones. and if you guys want to keep screwing around with donald trump, help yourself . stuart: okay. ed, you're coming in on this one because you were cochair of the bush race. the campaign there. what do you make a trump run for the presidency if he were to say he's doing it. >> we'll see if he's going to do it. he's going to have to earn the vote and i think that's what jeb bush said yesterday. in florida we weren't surprised yesterday jeb bush was the authentic article who really laid out a vision . stuart: hold on a second there. i've got it okay? i've got all about jeb. ed, do you want trump in or not? tell me. >> no. i would rather not. but, hey the more the better.
11:03 am
. stuart: what do you think of a trump run charlie. >> this is a political story it may look like a political story in a few minutes, but this is all about donald who i like i've known him for a long time, mostly as a businessman, this is donald taking his brand remaining relevant that's why he's worth what he's worth because he's the greatest marketer of the recent history. >> further his brand. he has no intentions of getting into the white house. . stuart: what do you think. >> i don't know. >> i think he would cake it as a consolation prize. >> do you remember when neil interviewed him a couple of weeks ago. he came out and they were talking about the white house and neil said would you live in the white house? and he said of course, neil i have this beautiful new building right across the
11:04 am
street from the white house and he went on and on. this is an amazing businessman, marketer, this is part of that . stuart: is that what this is all about? brand building. >> donald trump first ran for president in 1999. he ran -- stuart: hold on, everybody, we are going to listen to this. here he comes everyone. donald trump. >> don't you like the music? [laughter] ♪ . stuart: that's the buildup because now donald trump and we're waiting and music is playing. where is donald trump? >> if you think the women at fox take a long time in the dressing room, .
11:05 am
stuart: we're still waiting for donald trump. >> oh, she's back. . stuart: we're waiting. >> coming in office. . stuart: he's going to jump in. hold. we told you the excitement is building. >> cameras are going off. >> maybe he's at another hotel. they got the locations mixed up . stuart: they are playing neil young. >> yes. stuart: and what's the name of the song? >> keep on rocking in the free world . stuart: and the crowd is looking to the left of the screen. >> oh, the top row. . stuart: donald appears. comes up. comes down the escalator. >> that will be the best looking first lady. . stuart: the variety situation. this is the first time i've
11:06 am
ever done running commentary on donald trump. return to the podium anxiously -- >> neil young craning it out. . stuart: with all of this all of us anxious to hear. this could spread another hour. i want another hour of fox business to cover this in its entirety. >> there's donald. left of the podium. >> that's what politicians do. shake hands. >> is that orders or just press . stuart: you know, we've got time for a commercial break so that we can make some money for donald to appear. >> what's his wife's name again? . stuart: this is it.
11:07 am
[laughter] yeah, okay. now he's still not at the podium. >> here he goes. . stuart: i will now be quiet. >> that is some group of people. thousands. so nice. thank you very much. very nice. thank you. great to be at trump tower. great to be in a wonderful city of new york, and it's an honor to be here, this is beyond any expectations. there's been no crowd like this, and i can tell you some of the candidates they went in, they didn't know the air conditioner didn't work. they sweated like dogs. they didn't know the room was too big because they didn't have anybody there. how are they going to beat isis? i don't think it's going to happen. our country is in serious trouble. we don't have victories anymore. we used to have victories, but we don't have them.
11:08 am
when was the last time anybody saw us beating let's say china? in a trade deal. they would kill us. i beat china all the time. all the time. when did we beat japan at anything? they send their cars over by the millions. simple what do we do? when was the last time you saw chevrolet in tokyo? it doesn't exist folks they beat us all the time. when do we beat mexico at the border? they're laughing at us at our stupidity, and they're killing us economically. the u.s. has become a dumping ground for everybody else's
11:09 am
problems. it's true. and these are the best and the finest. when mexico sends their people they're not sending their best, they're not sending you. they're sending people that have lots of problems and they're bringing these problems with us. they're bringing drugs. they're bringing crime. their rapist, and some are good people. but i speak so border guards and they tell us what we're getting, and it only makes common sense. they're sending usan the right people. it's coming from more than mexico. it's coming from all over south and latin america and probably from the middle east. but we don't know because we have no protection, and we
11:10 am
have no competence. we don't know what's happening, and it's got to stop and it's got to stop fast. islamic terrorism is eating up large portions of the middle east. they've become rich. i'm in competition with them. they just built a hotel in syria. can you believe this? they built a hotel. when i have to build a hotel i pay interest. they don't have to pay interest because they took the oil that when we left iraq i said we should have taken. so now isis has the oil. and what they don't have, iran has. and in 19 -- and i will tell you this, and i said it very strongly -- years ago i said -- and i love the military, and i want to have the strongest military that
11:11 am
we've ever had and we need it now more than ever, but i said don't hit iraq because you're going to totally destabilize the middle east, iran is going to take over the middle east, and it turned out iran is now taking over iraq. think of it. iran is taking over iraq, and they're taking over big league. we spent $2 trillion in iraq. 2trillion. we lost thousands of lives. thousands in iraq. we have wounded soldiers who i love. i love. they're great. all over the place. thousands and thousands of wounded soldiers, and we have nothing. we can't even go there and every time we give iraq equipment, the first time a bullet goes off in the air
11:12 am
they leave it. last week i read 2,300 you 2,300 humvees these are big vehicles, you would say maybe 2? maybe 4? 2,300 sophisticated vehicles they ran and the enemy took them. [cheering] >> you're right. last quarter it was just announced our gross domestic product, a sign of strength; right? but not for us. it was below zero. who ever heard of this? it's never below zero. our labor participation rate was the worst since 1978. but think of it.
11:13 am
gdp below zero. horrible labor participation rate and our real unemployment is anywhere from 18 to 20% don't believe the 5.6. don't believe it. that's right a lot of people up there can't get jobs. they can't get jobs because there are no jobs because china has our jobs and mexico has our jobs. they all have also jobs. but the real number is anywhere from 18 to 19 and maybe even 21% and on anybody talks about it because it's a statistic that's full of nonsense. [cheering] >> our enemies are getting stronger and stronger by the day and we as a country are getting weaker. even our nuclear arsenal doesn't work.
11:14 am
it came out recently. they have equipment that's 30 years old, they don't even know if it worked. and i thought it was horrible when it was broadcast on television because boy, does that send signals to putin and all of the other people that look at us and they say that is a group of people and that is a nation that truly has no clue they don't know what they're doing. they don't know what they're doing. we have a disaster called the big lie obamacare. obamacare. yesterday came out that costs are going for people up 29, 39 49, and even 55% and deductibles are through the roof. you have to get hit by a
11:15 am
tractor, literally a tractor to use it because the deductibles are so high it's virtually useless. it is a disaster. and remember the $5 billion website? 5billion we spent on a website. and so this day it doesn't work. a $5 billion website. i have so many websites i have them all over the place. i hire people. they do a website. it costs me $3. $5billion website. [crowd chanting] >> well, you need somebody because politicians are all talk, no action. nothing is going to get done. they will not bring us -- believe me, to the promise
11:16 am
land. they will not. as an example, i've been on the circuit making speeches, and i hear my fellow republicans, i like them, they all want me to support them, they don't know how to bring it about. they come up to my office -- i'm meeting with the three of them in the next week, and they don't know, are you running? are you not running? could we have your support? what do we do? how do we do it? i like them, and i hear their speeches and they don't talk jobs and they don't talk china. when was the last time you heard china is killing us. they're devaluing their occurrence to a level that makes it impossible for our companies to compete. impossible. they're killing us, but you don't hear that from anybody else. you don't hear it from anybody else, and i watch the speeches -- thank you. i watch the speeches of these
11:17 am
people and they say the sun will rise, the moon will set all sorts of wonderful things will happen, and people are saying what's going on? i just want a job. just get me a job. i don't need that, i just want a job. and that's what's happening because it's going to get worse because remember. obamacare really kicks in in '16. 2016. obama is going to be out playing golf, he might even be on one of my courses, i would invite him, i would actually say. i have the best courses in the world, so i would say, you know what? -- i have one right next to the white house, they would like to play, that's fine. in fact, i would like him to leave early and play, that would be a very good thing. but obamacare kicks in in 2016. really big league. it is going to be amazingly
11:18 am
constructive. doctors are quitting. i have a friend who is a doctor and he said to me the other day donald, i never saw anything like it. i have more accountants than i have nurses. it's a disaster. my patients are beside themselves. they had a plan that was good, they have no plan now. we have to repeal obamacare and it can be replaced -- and it can be replaced with something much better for everybody. let it be for everybody but much better and much less expensive for people and for the government, and we can do it. [chanting trump] >> so i've watched the politicians. i've dealt with them all my life. if you can't make a good deal with a politician, then there's something wrong with you. you're certainly not very good, and that's what we have
11:19 am
representing us. they will never make america great again. they don't even have a chance. they're controlled fully by the lobbiests, by the donors, and by the special interest. fully. they control them. hey, i have bobbyists i've got to tell you, i have lobbyists that can produce anything for me, they're great but you know what? it won't happen because we have to stop doing things for some people but for this country it's destroying our country. we have to stop, and it has to stop now. now, our country needs -- our country needs a truly great leader and we need a truly great leader now.
11:20 am
we need a leader that wrote the art of the deal. we need a leader that can bring back our jobs, can bring back our manufacturing can bring back our military, can take care of our vets, our vets have been abandoned. and we also need a cheerleader cheerleader. you know when president obama was elected, i said, well, the one thing i think he'll do well, i think he'll be a great cheerleader for the country. i think he would be a great spirt, i really thought he would be a great cheerleader. but not a leader, that's true. you're right about that. he wasn't a will cheerleader he's actually a negative force. he's been a negative force. he wasn't a cheerleader, he
11:21 am
was the opposite. we need somebody that can take the brand of the united states and make it great again. it's not great again. we need somebody that literally will take this country and make it great again. we can do that and i will tell you. i love my life. i have a wonderful family. they're saying, dad you're going to do something that's going to be so tough. you know, all of my life i've heard that a truly successful person, a really really successful person -- and even modestly successful cannot run for public office. just can't office, and yet
11:22 am
that's the kind of mind-set that you need to make this country great again, so ladies and gentlemen, i am officially running for president of the united states and we are going to make our country great again. ♪♪ ♪ >> it can happen. our country has tremendous potential. we have tremendous people. we have people that aren't working. we have people that have no incentive to work, but they're going to have incentive to work because the greatest social program is a job and
11:23 am
they'll be proud and they'll love it, and they'll make much more money than they've ever made and they'll be doing sole and we're going to be thriving as a country thriving. it can happen. i will be the greatest jobs president that god ever created. i tell you that. i'll bring back our jobs from china, from mexico, from japan, from so many places. i'll bring back our jobs and i'll bring back our money. right now think of this. we owe china $1.3 trillion. we owe japan more than that. so they come in, they took our jobs, they took our money, and then they loan us back the money and we pay them an interest and then the dollar goes up, so their deal's even
11:24 am
better. how stupid are our leaders? how stupid are these politicians to allow this to happen? how stupid are they? [chanting we want trump] . stuart: i'm going to tell you -- thank you. i'm going to tell you a couple of stories about trade because i'm totally against the trade bill for a number of reasons. number one the people people who are negotiating don't have a clue, our president doesn't have a clue, he's the one that did bird doll we get a trader, we get a no good trader, and they get the five people that they wanted for years, and those people are now back on the battlefield trying to kill us. that's the negotiator we have. take a look at the deal he's making with iran.
11:25 am
he makes that deal, israel maybe won't exist very long. it's a disaster, and we have to protect israel. so we need -- i'm a free trader. but the problem with free trade is you need really talented people to negotiate for you. if you don't have talented people if you don't have great leadership, if you don't have people that know business not just the political hack that got the job because you made a contribution to the campaign, which is the way just about all jobs are gotten, free trade is terrible. free trade can be wonderful if you have smart people, but we have people that are stupid. we have people that aren't smart, and we have people that are controlled by special interest and it's just not going to work. so here's a couple of stories
11:26 am
happened recently. a friend of mine is a great manufacturer. and, you know, china comes over and they dump all their stuff, and i buy it. i buy it because frankly i have an obligation to buy it because they devalue their occurrence so brilliantly they just did it recently and on anybody thought they could do it get back. but with all our problems with russian and with all our problems with everything, they got away with it again and it's impossible for our people here to compete. so i want to tell you this story. a friend of mine is a great manufacturer. calls me up a few weeks ago. he's very upset. i said what's your problem? he said, you know, i make great product and i said inn that because i buy the product. he said i can't get it into klein. they won't accept it. i sent a boat over and they actually sent it back. they talked about environmental, they talked about all sorts of crap that had nothing to do with it. i said wait a minute that's
11:27 am
terrible. does anyone know this he said, yes, they do all the time with other people. so i finally got it over there, and they charged me. they're not supposed to be doing that. i told them. now, they do charge you tariff on trucks, and boeing. they wanted boeing's secrets they wanted their patents and all of their secrets before they agreed to buy planes from boeing. hey, i'm not saying they're stupid. i like china. i just sold an apartment for $15 million to somebody from china. am i supposed to dislike them? i own a big chunk of the bank of america building in the 1290 of the americas that i got from china in a war. very valuable. i love china. the biggest bank in the world is from china. you know where their united states headquarters is
11:28 am
located? in this building. in trump tower. i love china. people say oh, you don't like china, no, i love them, but their leaders are much smarter than our leaders and we can't sustain ourself with that. it's like take the new england patriots and tom brady and have them play your high school football team. that's the difference between china's leaders and our leaders. they are ripping us. we are rebuilding china. we are rebuilding many countries. china, you go there now. roads, bridges schools -- you never saw anything like it. they have bridges that make the george washington bridge look like small potatoes and they're all over the place. we have all the cards but we don't know how to use them. we don't even know that we have the cards because our leaders don't understand the game. we could turn off that spigot by charging them tax until
11:29 am
they behave properly. now they're going militarily. they're building a military island in the middle of the south china sea. a military island. now, our country could never do that because we would have to get environmental clearance. and the environmentalists -- we would never build an ocean. they built it in about one year. this massive military port. they're building up their military to a point that is very scary. you have a problem with isis, you have a bigger problem with china, and, in my opinion the new china believe it or not in terms of trade is mexico. so this man tells me about the manufacturing. i say that's a terrible story. i hate to hear it. but i have another one. ford. so mexico takes a company car company, that was going to build in tennessee rips it out, everything thought the deal was dead, reported in the
11:30 am
wall street journal recently. everybody thought it was a done deal, it's going in, and that's going to be it. going into tennessee. great state great people. all of a sudden this last moment this big car manufacturer announces they're not going to go to tennessee they're going to spend their billion dollars in mexico instead. not good. now florida announces a few weeks ago that ford is going to build a $2.5 billion car and truck and parts manufacturing plant in mexico. $2.5billion, it's going to be one of the largest in the world. ford. good company. so i announced that i'm running for president. i would -- one of the early things i would do probably bring even got in, and i
11:31 am
wouldn't even use -- you know, i have -- i have the smartest negotiators in the world. i know the good ones, i know the bad ones, i know the overrated ones, you've got a lot of them that are overrated, the news stories get buffaloed but i know the best negotiators in the world and i would put them one for each country and believe me, folks we would do very very well. but i wouldn't even waste my time with this one. i would call up the head of ford, who i know, if i was president, i would say congratulations. i understand that you're building a nice $2.5 billion car factory in mexico and that you're going to take your cars and sell them to the united states zero tax just plow them across the border. and you say to yourself, how does that help us? how is that good? it's know the.
11:32 am
so i say congratulations. that's the good news. let me give you the bad news. every car and every truck and every part manufactured in this plant that comes across the border, we're going to charge you a 35% tax. okay? and that tax is going to be paid simultaneously with the transaction and that's that. now, here's what's going to happen. if it's not me in the position it's one of these politicians that we're running against, you know, the 400 people. and here's what's going to happen. they're not so stupid, they know it's not a good thing and they may even be upset by it. but then they're going to get a call from their donors and probably the lobbyist to ford and say you can't do that to ford because ford takes care of me and i take care of you and you can't do that to ford? and guess what?
11:33 am
no problem. they're going to build in mexico they're going to take away thousands of jobs, it's very bad for us. so under president trump here's what would happen. [cheering] >> the head of ford will call me back -- i would say within an hour after i told him the bad news, but it could be he want to be cool and he'll wait until the next day. you know, they want to be a little cool and he'll say please, please, please. he'll beg for a little while and then i'll call all sorts of political people and i'll say sorry no interest. it's nice. i don't need anybody's money i'm using my own money, i'm not using lobbyists, i'm not using anyone's money i'm really rich, and, by the way i'm not even saying -- that's the kind of mind-set, that's the kind of thinking because
11:34 am
we're going to make the country rich. it sounds krass we've got 18 trillion in debt, we've got military equipment that needs repairing all over the place we've got nuclear weapons that are obsolete, we've got things that are going to get destroyed if someone like me doesn't bring money into it, i'm going to bring money in, and we're going to save it. but here's what's going to happen. after i'm called by 30 friends of mine who contributed to different campaigns after i'm called by all the special interests and by the donors and by the lobbyists and they have zero chance at convincing me zero, i'll get a call the next day from the head of ford he'll say please, reconsider, i'll say no. he'll say mr. president we've decided to move the plant back to the united states.
11:35 am
we're not going to build it in mexico. that's it. they have no choice. they have no choice. there are hundreds of things like that. i'll give you another example. saudi arabia. they make a billion dollars a day. a billion dollars a day. i love the saudis, many of them are in this building. they make a billion dollars a day. whenever they have problems, we send over their ships, we say we're going to protect -- what are we doing? they've got nothing but money. if the right person asked them they pay a fortune. they wouldn't be there except for us. and believe me, you look at the border with yemen, you remember obama a year ago yemen was a great victory two weeks later the place was blown up. everybody -- and they kept our equipment, they always keep our equipment.
11:36 am
they always keep our equipment. we ought to send some real junk because frankly -- we ought to send our surplus we're always losing this gorgeous stuff but look at the border with saudi arabia. do you really think that these people are interested in yemen? saudi arabia without us is gone. they're gone. and i'm the one that made all of the right predictions about iraq -- you know, all of these politicians that i'm running against now -- it's so it nice to say if i run i'm running. but all of these politicians that i'm running against now you look at bush. it took him five days to answer the question on iraq. he couldn't answer the question. he didn't know. and then i looked at rubio. he was unable to answer the question. is iraq a good thing or a bad thing? he didn't know. he couldn't answer the question. how are these people going to
11:37 am
lead us? how are we going to go back and make it great again? we can't. they don't have a clue. they can't lead us. they can't. they can't even answer simple questions. it was terrible, but saudi arabia is in big, big trouble. now, thanks to fracking and other things, the oil is all over the place, and i used to say it. there are ships at sea -- and this was during the worst crisis -- that were loaded up with oil, and the cartel kept the price up because again they were smarter than our leaders. there is so much wealth out there that can make our country so rich again and therefore make it great again because we need money. we're dying. we're dying. we need money. we have to do it. we need the right people. so ford will come back, they'll all come back, and i
11:38 am
will say this. this is going to be an election, in my opinion, that's based on competence. somebody said -- thank you darling. somebody said to me the error day -- a reporter, very nice reporter but mr. trump you're ain't nice person, actually i am, i am a nice person. people that know me, like-like me, does my family like me? by the way speaking of my family, melonia karen vanessa, tiffany, did she do a great job? great? jared, laura and eric. i'm very proud of my family. they're a great family. so the reporter said to me the other day but mr. trump
11:39 am
you're not a nice person. how can you get people to vote for you? i said i don't know. i said i think that number one i am a nice person, i give a lot of money away to charities and other things. i think i'm actually a very nice person. but i said this is going to be an election that's based on competence because people are tired of these nice people and they're tired of being ripped off by everybody in the world and they're tired of spending more money on education than any nation in the world perfect capita than any nation in the world and we're 26th in the world. 25 countries are better than us at education and some of them are like, third world countries, but we're becoming a third world country because of our infrastructure our airports our roads everything. so one of the things i did --
11:40 am
and i said, you know, what i'll do? because a lot of people said he'll never run. number one he won't want to give up his lifestyle. they're right about that but i'm doing it. number two i'm a private company, so nobody knows what i'm worth. and the one thing is that when you run, you have to announce and certify to all sorts of governmental authorities your net worth. so i said that's okay. i'm proud of my net worth. i've done an amazing job. i started off -- thank you. i started off in a small office with my father in brooklyn and queens, and my father said -- and my father -- i loved my father, i learned so much just sitting at his feet listening to him negotiate with subcontractors, but i learned a lot. but he used to say donald, don't go into manhattan that's the big leagues. we don't know anything about that. don't do it. i said dad i've got to go
11:41 am
into manhattan i've got to build those big buildings i've got to do it, dad. and after four or five years in brooklyn, i ventured into manhattan and did a lot of great deals the grand hyat hotel, i first acceptable for a lot of great deals and now i'm building all over the world and i love what i'm doing. but they all said, well, donald will never run and one of the main reasons is he's private and he's probably not as successful as everybody think so. so i said to myself, you know, nobody's ever going to know unless i run because i'm really proud of my success. i really am. i've employed tens of thousands of people over my lifetime. that means medical that means education, that means
11:42 am
everything. so a large accounting firm and my accountants have been working for months because it's big and complex and they put together a statement. a financial statement. this is a summary but everything will be filed eventually with the government, and we don't need extensions or anything, we'll be filing it right on time. we don't need anything. and it was even reported incorrectly yesterday because they said he had assets of 9 billion. no that's the wrong number. that's the wrong number. not assets. so they put together this and bring say it, i have to say this. i made a deal with real estate, you know it's real estate. it's labor and it's unions, and some bad and lots of people that aren't in unions and it's all over the place and building all over the
11:43 am
world, and i have assets -- big accounting firm, one of the most highly respected 9 billion, 240 million, and i have liabilities of about 500 that's long term debt, very low interest rates, in fact, one of the banks came to me and said, donald you don't have enough bothering can we loan you $4 billion? i said i don't need it, i don't want it, and i've been there. and in two seconds they give me whatever i want. so i have a total net worth -- and now with the increase, it will be well over $10 billion but here a total net worth of 8 -- net worth not assets, a net worth after all debt after all expenses, the greatest
11:44 am
assets, trump tower, 1290 avenue of the americas, bank of america building in san francisco, 40 wall street sometimes referred to as the trump building right opposite -- many other places all over the world. so the total is $8,737,540,000. now, i'm not doing that to brag because, you know, what i don't have to brag. believe it or not. i'm doing that to say that that's the kind of thinking our country needs. we need that thinking. we have the opposite thinking. we have losers. we have losers. we have people that don't have it. we have people that are morally corrupt. we have people that are selling this country down the drain.
11:45 am
so i put together the statement and the only reason i'm telling you about it today is because we really do have to get going. because if we have another three or four years -- you know we're at 18 trillion now, we're soon going to be at 20 trillion. according to the economists who i'm not big believers in, but nobody else this is what they're saying that 24 trillion, we're very close. that's the point of no return. $24trillion we will be there soon. that's when we become greece. that's when we become a country that's unsalvageable and we're going to be there very soon. we're going to be there very soon. so just to sum up, i would do various things very quickly. i would repeal and replace the big lie obamacare.
11:46 am
i would build a great wall -- and nobody builds walls better than me, believe me, and i'll build them very inexpensively. i will build a great great wall on our southern border, and i will have mexico pay for that wall. mark my words. nobody would be tougher on isis than donald trump. nobody. i will find within our military -- i will find the general patent, or i will find general macarthur, i will find the right guy the guy that's going to take that military and make it really work. nobody will be pushing us around. i will stop iran from getting nuclear weapons and we won't be using a man like secretary kerry that has absolutely no
11:47 am
concept of negotiation, who is making a horrible and laughable deal, who is just being tapped along as they make weapons right now and then goes into a bicycle race at 72 years old and falls and breaks his leg. i will not be doing that, and i promise, i will never be in a bicycle race. that i can tell you. i will immediately terminate president obama's illegal executive order on immigration. immediately. fully support and back up the second amendment. now, very interesting. today i heard it. through stupidity in a very, very hard-core prison, interestingly named clinton two vicious murderers two vicious people escaped and nobody knows where they are.
11:48 am
and a woman was on television this morning and she said you know there trump and she was telling other people, and i actually called her. but she said you know, mr. trump. i always was against guns. i didn't want guns. and now since this happened, it's up in the prison area, my husband and i are finally in agreement because he wanted the guns. we now have a gun on every table. we're ready to start shooting. i said very interesting. so protect the second amendment. end common core. common core should -- it is a disaster. bush is totally in favor of common core, i don't see possibly how he could get the nomination he's weak in immigration, how the hell could you vote for this guy? you just can't do it. we have to end.
11:49 am
education has to be local. rebuild the country's infrastructure. nobody can do that like me. believe me. it will be done on time, on budget way below cost, way below what anyone ever thought. i look at these roads being built all over the country and i say i can build one third, what they do is unbelievable. how bad. you know, we're building on pennsylvania avenue the old post office, we're converting it into one of the world's great hotels, it's going to be the best hotel in washington d.c. we got it from the general services administration in washington. the obama administration, we got it. it was the most highly sought after -- or at least one of them the most highly sought after project in the history of general services. we got it. people were shocked. trump got it. well, i got it for two reasons number one
11:50 am
we're really good, number two we had a really good plan, and i'll add in the third, we had a great financial statement because the general services, who are terrific people, by the way and talented people, they wanted to do a great job and make sure that it got built. so we have to rebuild our infrastructure, our bridges our roadways, our airports, you come into lagiardia airport, it's like we're in a third world country. you look at the patches they throw down asphalt you look at these airports, we are like a third world country, and i come in from china and catar and different places and they have the most incredible airports in the world. you come back to this country and you have lax disaster, you have all of these disastrous airports. we have to rebuild our infrastructure. save medicare, medicaid, and
11:51 am
social security without cuts. have to do it. get rid of the fraud get rid of the waste and abuse but save it. people have been paying in for years, and now many of these candidates want to cut it. you save it by making the united states, by making us rich again by taking back all of the money that's being lost. renegotiate our foreign trade deals. reduce our 18 trillion in debt because believe me, we're in a bubble. we have artificially low interest rates, we have a stock market that frankly has been good to me, but i still hate to see what's happening. we have a stock market that is so bloated, be careful of the bubble because what you've seen in the past might be small potatoes compared to what happens so be very very careful. and strength our military and
11:52 am
take care of our vets. so important. sadly the american dream is dead. but if i get elected president, i will bring it back bigger and better and stronger than ever before and we will make america great again. thank you. thank you very much. thank you. . stuart: okay. >> all right. [laughter] . stuart: sit back and take that in, ladies and gentlemen that was a near 52 minute speech without any kind of teleprompter. for me, the best quote in the whole lot was i will be the best jobs president that god ever created.
11:53 am
[laughter] it was a passion speech, it was a bulldog political speech let's get some reaction. chris, he's going to make the republican race very interesting, whether we like the guy or not. >> well, a guy that comes out and says the american dream is dead is not exactly coming out to say status quo. so yeah, i think you can count on him being a disruptive element. . stuart: that was a great speech, but you can't take it seriously politically. he said the american dream is dead without me. listen you take donald trump seriously as a businessman. i really do believe that, you know, he is doing this to enhance the brand of donald trump. this is what he's good at . stuart: okay. but that air force winning speech. >> i loved it. >> all those points appeal to middle america? how many of those points -- moum how my people are saying, yeah. let's make mexico paid for the wall look the southern border.
11:54 am
>> although his trade comments were insannel wrong. >> the merits . stuart: toward the end he said look, would you you've got to save social security you've got to save it, other guys are talking about saving it that's a very attractive line that's going to be very very popular. >> i don't know i watch jeb this was great. that was boring. . stuart: is ed still with us? i'm sorry we lost ed. >> i think jeb bush has very little chance to host a successful reality show, i think donald has very . stuart: what did she do you like this music better than jeb's music? >> this is a lot better. neil young. . stuart: all of us were sitting around this table be with we were gripped. >> yeah. stuart: but chris you're the political professional here. you're going to take that
11:55 am
candidacy seriously? >> well, i mean take himself seriously so far as the republican field remains very spread out. . stuart: yeah. >> having in his case 3.5% of the vote in a normal election cycle would be nothing but when the current two term governor of iowa is hanging on it at 2%, 3.5% means he's probably in a debate stage probably a discussion. >> how about his net worth . stuart: if he's in the debate, can you imagine donald trump in a debt. >> well, he hasn't filed, and he hasn't made his financial disclosure. he read a sheet, but he says has been filed. >> he's going to get some heat over that $8 billion. there's always been questions about how much he's really worth, he's going to have to file something more detailed than rattle off some properties. i don't know how detailed these things are but there's always been questions about that . stuart: but i can't remember a political speech like that before. >> i would love to what ford says about this. . stuart: have you heard anything by this? and, by the way, he said watch out for the stock market, it
11:56 am
is bloated. >> yes. stuart: watch out a bubble, at that point the dow joins was up 182 points, and now it's up 72. let's not get carried away here. >> this is a businessman and we're talking about a guy whether he's worth 8 5, 12 or 233 billion, this is a successful guy that makes -- i don't like -- some of his stuff on trade was completely wrong. >> yeah. >> but some point points were great i think. this is a country -- we're not marketing ourselves well. we actually have a president that diminishes our valley, and if trump knows anything, he knows how to value . stuart: he was talking about neighbors totally nonpolitical way. >> no. teleprompter. >> but he says all things nor politician elsewhere will ever
11:57 am
say. >> it's one thing you say when you take a bold stance and you do that, but remember this is george washington's job we're still talking about. >> absolutely. >> when when you got down to it, in the end a lot of people 17% said this guy -- and he actually paved the way for bill clinton he changed the discussion and the way he didn't get there -- stuart: well, he did a couple. he flamed out. >> and then donald trump's case it's just too flaky. >> i don't know if he's going to flake. think of what he wants to do. i really -- this is not about running for president although he'll take it as a consolation prize. this is about making the trump brand and that hotel across from the white house a bigger thing, and that's what he's masterful at. >> does he need to do this in order to improve his brand? he's already out there. >> he loves doing this . stuart: will he affect the other candidates? come debate time, he's going to be a bulldog. >> he is . stuart: banging. >> i'm coming around to
11:58 am
charlie's way of thinking. i've got gasparinoitis. [laughter] i agree with that. he will have a big enough platform here even though he does not end up as a republican nominee, he will be in the discussion, he will be impossible to avoid, he will be more famous. he will be more rich, he will be -- >> real clear about donald, i've known him for a long time. he is a junkyard dog. you don't want to get in a wrestling match with him . stuart: before we leave you i've got three stories i want to update you on. number one german chancellor says she wants a greek deal by thursday. that's why the dow industrials went up. >> maybe . stuart: now, there's a baseball hacking story. >> st. louis cardinals accused of hacks hacking into the houston astros for steeling player issues and the fbi and the department of justice are looking into it. major league baseball says its aware of it and will corporate
11:59 am
fully . stuart: on hacking reaches baseball. [laughter] >> look, the truth is. >> if you can deflate footballs, you can hack. >> they just like fuller bandwidth . stuart: but we're all still radiating reacting from donald trump, and it's remarkable. i can only imagine the response from most americans is there. he's going right at it and saying it. >> you don't think so? >> you don't think middle america will like it? >> as a middle american, i can tell you that. [laughter] i think donald trump -- the years that he has spent for everything from a pizza pitch man, to a celebrity apprentice has changed him -- stuart: what you're looking at now is the entrance. the entrance of donald trump. [laughter] and there he goes. so thank you very much,
12:00 pm
everyone for staying with us some gripping television. our time is regrettably up, but, neil, look what i'm giving you. >> great stuff. you can't get better than that stuart, in case you didn't hear. donald trump is running for the president of the united states and if he sticks in this race and there are a lot of details and paperwork to be filed, he would be the first billionaire since ross to make a run for it. now, as much as people dismiss his comments, as they did for ross back in 1992, before the panelists were saying, he was leading in all the polls. he landed out election when he did bow out to bill clinton. that was then. this is now. say what you will of donald trump. he has hit a nerve and as charlie just pointed out, he is a junkyard dog who does not give up. now, polls have shown that donald trump is around


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